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Million Dollar Lessons- Gideon ed.

You can often find me and my tribe in deep conversations while I perform their services, and the question I receive the most is how I decide what people or opportunities to invest in. My response is Gideon Taught me.

I want to share with you the transformative journey through the remarkable story of Gideon from the Book of Judges. In my newest YouTube video, (Click The Picture To Hear Me Tell the story with my takeaways) I delve into the invaluable lessons learned by Gideon, lessons that can guide us to our own million-dollar moments of triumph.

🛡️ Lesson 1: Eliminating Fear, Anxiety, and Doubt 🛡️ Gideon's journey began with God's instruction to sift through his army, separating those whose hearts and speech were tainted by fear, anxiety, and doubt. Just to clarify these are the people who always have a but or something negative to add when you talk about what you want to accomplish. Gideon's faith was refined through this process.

⚖️ Lesson 2: Selflessness vs. Selfishness ⚖️ Gideon's journey didn't stop with eliminating doubt; he was then led to identify those soldiers who were messy in mind and motivated by unaware selfishness. Discover how he purged his army of such elements and the profound lessons it offers for us in our pursuit of greatness transformed my life and mindset.

🤫 Lesson 3: Seating Amongst Enemies in Silence 🤫 The ultimate test came when Gideon was guided to sit among his enemies in silence. He uncovered the wisdom behind this bold move and learned to make more strategic decisions during this moment.

🔑 Unlocking Success Through Faith 🙌 As we explore these lessons from Gideon's story, we uncover the keys to unlocking your own path to success, prosperity, and triumph over adversity. Whether you're facing personal challenges, or professional hurdles, or seeking to strengthen your faith, this video will provide the guidance you need.

Join us on this inspiring journey and let Gideon's story inspire you to rise above your limitations and achieve your million-dollar dreams. Don't forget to follow our blog and support us liking, subscribing, and hitting the notification bell to stay updated with our empowering content!

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