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3 Easy Tips for Transitioning Your Skin Care Routine During Fall

As you may have noticed, the weather is changing and we are officially in the season-Fall.  Therefore, I would like to assist you in keeping your skin looking flawless without interruption by the seasons.  These 3 tips should help you make a smooth skincare transition:

🍂 Step 1: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

We are currently in the beginning of Fall and we are headed into the winter season, so your skin will get dryer and the skin cells will build up.  This is when you will want to exfoliate. 

We are currently in what all skin care professionals call chemical peel season.

Late September through early November is always the best time to start a chemical peel series. For best results, you wanna start with a very superficial enzyme peel and then slowly walk your skin into a deep peel over three sessions. By Christmas, the glow and smoothness will be undeniable.

You may exfoliate daily as long as you vary your exfoliants by using a light enzyme, or a fine-grain manual scrub.  The key for the fall season is to lift up all dry, and dead skin before cleansing it away.

🍃🍂 Step 2. Invest in the Proper Cleanser. Cleansers do not come in One Size Fits All (seasons).  People like to tell you they do, especially if you are purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) products.  That’s how those OTC manufacturers make their money. 

You may have heard me say this… the thing about professional skincare products is that they have smaller molecules so they’re better able to penetrate the skin and give you the best results.

The reason you come to a professional like me is so we can give you a facial and determine your skin type; therefore, you should be seeing an aesthetician at least once every season.  You’ll need a facial for all four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Your skin will not always stay the same; it will change with the weather.  Unfortunately, if you invest in the wrong products for your skin type, it will throw your pH levels off and it will take a professional longer to get them back in balance.

🍃 🍂🍁 Step 3. Moisturize Moisturize with the proper moisturizer. If you have oily skinplease do not use an oil-based moisturizer.  Make sure you get a moisturizer that has a water base.  If you have dry skin, use a more emollient moisturizer.  However, if you don’t know your skin type, contact us at the Day Spa and we will answer your questions and take care of your needs.

REMINDER: We offer courses once every 3 months – that teach you how to handle issues such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Hyperpigmentation.

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