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Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day Solo Or With Friends

As a tribe we’ve entered "I'm Loving Me Season." In this season we are loving ourselves first and pouring into others from the overflow. February is a month reserved for lovers, but I want to celebrate the lover in you for you.

Here are 5 activities that you can enjoy either solo or with friends that will nourish you mentally, physically, and spiritually:

📌 Skincare Masks and Mimosas at Esthetics By P. Brown: Kickstart your day with a pampering facial session where you and your friends can custom blend masks suited to your skin type. Enjoy mimosas as you relax, and take home your personalized mask for ongoing skin nourishment.

📌 Indulgent Massage and Facial Combo: Book a session that combines a soothing massage with a rejuvenating facial. This duo works wonders in enhancing blood flow, relaxing muscles, boosting cellular turnover, and leaving you with a radiant glow.


📌 Pajama Dinner Party with a Dessert Buffet: Slip into your comfiest pajamas and gather for a cozy dinner. Sweeten the evening with a lavish dessert buffet, creating a perfect blend of comfort and indulgence.


📌 Pottery Painting Party: Get creative at a pottery painting party. Paint words of affirmation on clay pots, available at Hobby Lobby or Amazon. These pots symbolize the seeds of positivity and goals you wish to plant in your life for 2024.


📌 At-Home Wine Tasting (with Nonalcoholic Options): Host a wine-tasting event at home, ensuring to include nonalcoholic spritzers for friends who prefer them. It's a classy way to explore new flavors and toast to friendship.

Remember, this season is all about pouring into ourselves. Stay tuned for our next blog posts, which will offer tips for better sleep at night. Your wellness journey is just as important as celebrating love and friendship.

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