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Quick Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Have you developed a nightly routine for yourself that helps you wake up looking flawless?

If you haven’t, this is for you… this is my personal nightly routine.

If you wear makeup, you will want to remove it first and then my routine starts with washing your hands and then selecting the cleanser. Then, with clean, dry hands, start the process. Refrain from turning the water back on, because we don’t want to dilute the cleanser.

  • Put the cleanser in your hands and you want to make sure that for the first minute or so, you massage it into your skin—while your skin is dry. Start with your cheeks and chin and work your way in a circular motion around to your forehead.

  • You want to make sure it has time to break down any oil barriers on your skin and start removing the dirt. Notice, when you start to feel drag in your skin, then you know you have massaged it good enough. Just like lotion, once you start to feel it absorb, you know its kind-of getting past that first barrier. Honestly that’s what I look for when I do facials. Make sure your skin has absorbed the cleanser.

This is when a gentle scrubber comes in handy. We sell several versions of these at the Day Spa.

  • Since I have eczema, it's my routine to put a tiny bit of water on the scrubber, then you’ll take the scrubber and rub it on your face to emulsify the cleanser. Rub it in a circular motion, you don’t have to press in, just go over gently in a circular motion upward; remember to apply it to your nose. And because of the material, it should literally conform to your skin.

Then, without re-wetting it, switch hands and start on the opposite side, making sure everything is good and scrubbed. As you are going over the opposite side (if you need to), add a tiny bit more water to the scrubber just to emulsify the skin.

You will know you have a good cleanser when there’s no dirt on your scrubber when you finish. Now I believe in sanitizing, so my scrubber will get cleaned with antibacterial soap and dropped in the Barbicide (salon disinfectant), because I am that aesthetician.

Now with a regular dry towel, I use white because I don’t like extra dies on my face.

  • Add water and I will go ahead and remove my cleanser.

  • As you dry off your face, you may notice a slight amount of redness, but don’t be alarmed, that’s a sign of deep clean.

  • Another reason the scrubber is used is to break up any oil buildup on your skin. You’ll want to see all that removed from your skin, and if you don’t remove it – it won’t come off.

Now the reason you want to do it with a damp towel is because you want your face somewhat damp when you go to the next step.

In my nightly routine, my next step is coconut oil.

One of the misconceptions that we often make is we assume coconut oil will clog our skin. For this application, you only need a little – about ½ teaspoon. After you get the oil fully applied, you want another dry towel to gently remove any access oil, and then … look at your face GLO!

At the end of the routine, hopefully what you’ll see is freshness, elasticity, and bounce-back skin. Once you get used to the routine, it will be really quick and you’ll be able to do it speedily, especially during those times when you feel too tired.

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