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Luxury Lifestyle Habit: Generosity

When we show generosity to others, it returns to us. These days there are so many opportunities for us to give back and show generosity. If you have been blessed in any way, this is a great time to give back.

5 Benefits of Giving

Giving Makes Us Feel Happy

There is an elation that comes with giving money or giving in another capacity. Studies have shown that when people give to charities, it activates parts of the brain associated with pleasure. Scientists believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain producing the positive feeling known as “helper’s high.” Helper’s high is the feeling we get when we do something selfless for others.

Giving Is Great For Our Health

It’s been proven that giving decreases blood pressure and reduces stress. The results in turn help us live longer. It actually helps improve our mental and physical health.

Some of the health benefits associated with giving include:

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Decreased depression

  • Lowered stress levels

  • A longer life

Other research suggests giving social support to others also lowers blood pressure and increased interaction with others allows for greater self-esteem and lower stress levels.

Giving Enhances Social Connection

When you give to someone in need, your giving becomes a chain reaction where your generosity is reciprocated. Giving helps us feel closer to those you assist and they may feel closer to you.

Giving Elicits Gratitude

Giving can be expressed through gratitude and gratitude can be linked to happiness and health. whether you are giving gratitude or receiving gratitude, there’s a benefit to it and it has the ability to increase social bonds.

Giving Is Contagious

Giving to others creates a ripple effect and often inspires others to replicate which then allows for an increase of generosity throughout the community.

This summer, I challenge you to be a blessing to someone, find someone or someplace to donate time, gifts, or talents. After you give, you may find you experience that helper’s high as mentioned above.

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