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Updated: Mar 5

Good morning tribe,

God has reminded me that our life is the sum of our decisions.

If I want a better life then I have to make better decisions & who you show up as in 2024 is entirely dependent on the choices and habits she developed right now.

The best decision I ever made was to start focusing on my overall health and to buckle down and invest in myself. I have been able to shave 13” off my waist, increase my Income by 35%, and build healthier relationships with the people who add value to my life.

Here are my self-commitments:

🌱 I joined Crunch Fitness and committed to a healthy body. I work out 3-4 times a week and do two Cavi-lipo treatments per month.

( I’m focused on body recomposition, not weight loss)

🌱 I committed to reading at least three books a month. I read a book for each of the following topics monthly: Finance, Mental Health/ Self-care, Entertainment, and Spiritual Guidance.

🌱 I did not skip my 60-minute massages with stretch appointments for muscle recovery.

🌱 I have a standing hair appointment. I will be a bald-headed hoe for no one.

🌱 I have weekly facials because clear skin is not just aesthetically pleasing but it’s a sign of health, and it mentally prepares me to take on my day.

Because I am a woman of God. I also believe that when the head is anointed that oil should trickle down to the feet.

So, I am doing everything in my power to give everybody in the body of

Esthetics By P. Brown the chance to choose to take care of them even if it’s only for the next four months.

Please, invest in yourself I believe in this so much that I’m giving away free money for you to do it the choices you make today will determine the version of you that shows up in 2024, in four months.

If you purchase any of our Labor Day packages, I will be scheduling a one-on-one with you to talk about how you can use that money to maximize the results. You want to see happen over the next four months.

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