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Season Changes Affect pH Levels

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The season is soon to change again, so I’m not surprised by the questions that have been flooding my social media.  Here is another question from one of my followers; I think the answer may help several people – including my male followers.

Question:  I thought I had combination skin, but my t-zone no longer seems oily and my skin frequently seems dry, what is going on with my skin?

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Answer:  Your skin care needs often change with the seasons.  When that happens, you may want to adjust your pH levels to keep up with the changing conditions.  The pH level is simply the acid verses alkaline balance in your skin.   The measurement of the pH levels vary between 1 and 14. 

One way to balance the pH level of your skin care routine is to choose a lower alkaline cleanser.  You may want to select a cleanser that has a pH level between 2.5 and 4.3.

Below is some cleanser suggestions based on your skin type:

  1. Normal skin – find a mild cleanser.

  2. Oily skin – find a cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid.

  3. Dry skin – find a cleanser that contains a moisturizer or find a cream based cleanser that includes Lactic Acid

  4. Combination skin – look for a mild cleanser that contains Glycolic Acid.

  5. Melanated skin – find a cleanser containing Hybrid Glycolic Acid.

  6. Sensitive skin – look for a cream based cleanser so it moisturizes your skin but does not contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids

For more skin care tips regarding pH balance check out my blog post “Resetting pH Balance for Flawless Skin.” 

Please feel free to contact us with any of your skin care questions or to schedule a virtual consultation.  You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at

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