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Roses are for More than Romance

You may think rose petals are only reserved for romance and Valentine’s Day. Nope… they have many other purposes. Below are some of the benefits of rose petals.

Benefits of Rose Petals:

o Loaded with vitamins such as A, C, and E.

o They are great sources for hydrating and tightening skin.

o They reduce fine lines and dark circles.

o They are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

o Some use them in a salve form to speed up the healing of wounds.

o The floral fragrance helps improve moods.

We use rose petals regularly at Esthetics by P Brown.

We use them in our Hyperpigmentation Masks, in our Anti-inflammatory Masks, and in our Yoni Steams, just to name a few of our uses.

Rose petals are multi-purposed like so many of the organic herbs we use. They can be used externally on our skin and/or internally as a steeped tea and used to help treat a sore throat. Rose water which is made of rose petals is loaded with antioxidants. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and a really good hydrator for the skin.

Rose petals have so many more uses.

They can be used as potpourri, in bath salts, infused in oils, and used as/or in herbal teas. I like to add rose petals to my coffee while I’m brewing it for an added dose of vitamins and flavor. Stay Golden, a restaurant I frequent in Nashville, pairs the flavors of rose, cardamom, and pistachio into a coffee beverage that is absolutely delicious. If you visit Stay Golden, they have great food.

Also, as with any herb, the organic ones yield better results. There are so many benefits to using rose petals, I hope you choose to take advantage of them – sometimes I feel like they have super powers.

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