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Restoring Your Skin's pH Balance

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Here’s another question asked on my social media.

QUESTION: Porsche, what’s the difference between a toner and a freshener?

ANSWER: Let me break it down for you, Queen.


You'll use a toner as the 2nd step of the cleansing routine, after you wash your face. The purpose of a toner is to reset your pH balance. It is not supposed to cleanse your face and you should not be using a toner daily. If you use a toner every day, you are upsetting your pH balance and when you upset your pH balance; your body will respond to correct it.

Using your toner once per week is perfect and that’s because you just want to reset your pH balance.

For acne or scaly skin, you may want to use a toner that usually will have an alcohol base, but your best toner may be closer to you than you think… it’s possibly in your kitchen now. That product would be Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). However, if that doesn’t interest you, I have a gentle cleanser in my Semblance line.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best toner for skin types including deeply myelinated skin. However, for myelinated skin (most of the time) no matter how dark, all you truly need is a Freshener.


A Freshener helps reset your pH levels and hydrates your skin. Witch Hazel is a freshener, but a lot of people think it’s a toner. Witch Hazel adds hydration to your skin. Skin concerns like hyperpigmentation come from not hydrating properly. In your skincare routine, you want to: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. That’s when you use a freshener instead of a toner.

Yes... Witch Hazel. Native Americans have been using Witch Hazel to relieve skin that’s irritated and inflamed. Yes, that stuff grandma used. You can probably buy a 32 oz container, for about $1.50, in a dollar store. Witch Hazel, found near the alcohol, is similar to alcohol (it has many uses) but it’s not alcohol. Witch hazel hydrates 10 times better than water – so, Witch Hazel is the best.


Try to use something organic and try something light. If your skincare products are too strong, your body will over produce oils trying to fix it. Then, when you use products to strip the oils, you may end up with hyperpigmentation. You’ll want to let your body do what it’s supposed to do and then just make sure your cleanser and everything is right for your skin.


Witch Hazel is perfect for sensitive skin. However, if you have sensitive skin and you use the ACV, it may work like a chemical peel and actually burn your skin. So, be careful with that too. If you think you have sensitive skin, use Witch Hazel.


If you wash your face and then use a toner or freshener, and there is dirt on the pad (that you’re using for the toner) – you need a new cleanser… your cleanser is not good. Please purchase a new cleanser. My Semblance product line has a cleanser especially for you. The line is loaded with organic skincare products to help keep your skin looking flawless.

I hope this was helpful and if it was, please leave me a comment below.  Also, please forward this post to anyone you know who would benefit from this information.

Also, if you have any questions about hyperpigmentation or any skincare questions in general, please feel free to call us at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at

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As always, We look forward to hearing from you...

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