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Luxury Lifestyle Benefit: Pre-Paying Saves Money

Why do we love the gift cards at Esthetics by P Brown? Because we pay one price and get so much more in benefits. Well, here’s something that’s equally as awesome that you can purchase during this holiday season.

Did you know that joining rewards programs along with pre-pay options is synonymous to a luxury lifestyle? Why you might ask? Everybody loves deals and everybody loves having more money in their pockets.

At Esthetics by P Brown, simply put, you get to keep more money in your pocket by paying a special price for your services up front, then you can come in at your leisure and receive the services without having to pay again. That’s the benefit of prepayment. In some instances, prepayment helps you save money especially as prices go up, when you’ve prepaid, you’re not affected by the price changes. You see, this way, we’re helping you save your money.

Porsche, Who Is This Perfect For?


Whether you’re a student or a busy boss with limited time, you can simply purchase the plan, schedule your appointment, and then swing by the day spa and get your service. Do it during your lunch break or when you have a few free minutes in your day. Whenever you’re free, we’ll get you right in and you won’t need to worry about digging in your wallet again until next year at this time (for the annual plans).

What Services Can We Pre-Pay?

There are so many services, I’ll just list a few...

For more information about our annual and semi-annual plans, please feel free to visit the website, Or if you would like to reach out to us, you may find us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at

Be sure to stay connected as we discuss money, business, self-care, and other adult topics.

Also, remember to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and IGTV to see our upcoming classes, seminars, and videos.

As Always, we look forward to hearing from you…

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