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Luxury Lifestyle Benefit: Influence

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, active in sports or church, you can quickly identify the one in your circle who functions in influence, flawlessly.

What Is Influence?

There’s power in having influence, believe it or not, it’s a leadership skill. When you have influence you’re able to impact other people’s behaviors, attitudes, opinions, and choices. Influence is not the power to manipulate others, that’s called control or forcing people to do what you want.

The great thing about influence is it allows you to accomplish your goals and achieve your desired outcomes. Influence shows up strong when you understand yourself and the impact you have on others. Being influential allows you to network with people and empower people them. Influence allows for an emotional connection with others thus building trust and a relationship. It’s in those relationships, that you’re able to meet your goals while others meet theirs.

When you think about someone who is influential, you probably notice they function in a combination interpersonal skills, communication skills, and assertiveness skills. A part of functioning in influence pertains to you altering people’s perceptions of a situation in an encouraging outcome – as you remain your authentic self.

. Learning the art of influence not only with peers but with customers/clients can be that gift that sets you apart from the rest. Mastering the skill will help you become more effective in life. Below are some motivations and actions to help you increase your influence.

Actions To Increase Your Influence


Think about why you want to influence someone. How will your outcome benefit them?


Try to understand the issue or opportunity from the other side’s perspective.


Trust is the difference between influence and manipulation. When you are influencing someone of course you want the desired outcome, but you also want the end result to be a more strengthened relationship.


You have to be yourself because people can sense when someone is not genuine; therefore it’s best that you be open and honest about what you aim to accomplish.


This is a relationship word. You have to give as much as you take and reciprocity grows over time. People are more willing to do something for you if they feel you’ll be able to help them later in life.

The truth is, influence is how people see you, how well your ideas resound with others and how well we set our ideas in conjunction with other people’s needs and problems. When you have a strong influence, you can make a huge impact on the world.

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