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Little Known Secrets About Chemical Peels

You may have caught my Instagram Live when I did a chemical peel on myself a couple of days ago, I need to redo it because the acids did not go as deep as I wanted, so I have some shedding, but I wanted to look like a snake… so I’m going to redo it.


A chemical peel is a skin resurfacing procedure where a chemical solution (acids) is placed on the skin to remove to top layer, leaving the skin looking younger and radiant.

So what happens, is you have layers to your skin, you have about three layers to the epidermis and then you have the dermis. Now, to be clear, by law, no esthetician should be going into the layers of the dermis. We can only work within the epidermis – I just wanted to clarify because sometimes people give false claims.

In doing that we are peeling up dead, sun damaged skin or whatever is going on and we are letting a new skin that’s trapped underneath, come to the forefront. Now I say that to say, if you have poor skincare habits, even when doing a chemical peel, you’re going to damage that new skin even as it comes to the forefront. It’s one of the reasons why you really need your chemical peel done or at least overseen by a professional.


  • It improves the skin’s texture, color, and tone by shedding your skin like a snake. When I tell you, you shed like a python, I’m not saying it for comic relief, I’m saying it because you shed like a python.

  • It reduces discoloration due to sun damage.

  • It stimulates new collagen and cellular growth.

  • It also helps with breakouts, if you have Cystic Acne, or acne where something is going on underneath the skin, it will bring whatever is going on underneath the skin to the forefront, then eat away at that.

  • It smooths away fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of times women will get makeup and dead skin cells caked into their skin, and this is going to help pull it out.

To be clear, you have to be careful with which acids you use. Lactic acid is really good for tightening and toning, Salicylic acid is really good for clearing up the skin. I’m not a big component of Glycolic acid, unless you’re pulling it directly from an Aloe Vera plant, which is a beautiful source for raw, organic, glycolic acid.

Have you heard, “BLACK DON’T CRACK?”

Well, here’s my theory on that – NO, We Do Not.

Raise your hands if your mom told you to make sure you exfoliate. So that was done with that face towel you had to scrub with and you better not have gotten out that shower and without moisturizing – you better put on lotion. Or if you’re really country, you may have had to use some Crisco, don’t judge my past.


So, black doesn’t crack, but let me tell you what ethnic skin has engraved in us since birth – exfoliation and hydration. Now it helps if we feed off the sun to an extent, but after doing a chemical peel we need sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. There’s a misconception that we cannot get Melanoma (a form of skin cancer).

Here’s my response to that, it’s rumored that Bob Marley used drugs as a recreational sport, but do you know what he died of? Melanoma. The reason for the misconception about ethnic skin, is because we have darker pigmented skin and by the time we realize we have skin cancer, it’s usually because we have dark spots, on the bottom of our feet.

How many of you all look at the bottom of your feet? How many of you go to a day spa like Esthetics by P Brown, where your pedicure or your nail technician is trained to look at the bottom of your feet and alert the owner, if something looks like it could be cancerous on the bottom of your feet?

Especially if you have ethnic skin, please, please, please wear your sunscreen.


I used to only offer this service to my "out of town" clients because as you know, I have clients in 49 states and 7 countries.

Now, we’re making this available for everyone, especially since most people have to stay at-home due to the Coronavirus and social distancing.

We’re offering at-home Chemical Peels at a special price ... $99 ($180 value).


We will ship you the superficial acids, however, this comes with me walking you through the process during a virtual consultation. That way, I can monitor your application, then I will follow-up with you, every three days, via Skype, Duo or Facetime, so I can see the progression of your skin.

If you’re interested, reach out to us and order it. Just $99 ($180 value). This way you can do the chemical peel at-home and return to work when this is over, looking so much younger your peers will be envious.

For more information regarding Chemical Peels or if you want to order an At-home kit, please feel free to contact us. You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at Or you can purchase the kit online at

Also, remember to follow us on social media: FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and IGTV to see our upcoming classes, seminars, and videos.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you...

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