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Lavender Ushers in... a Woo-sah!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Have you ever been so stressed out, then walked into a room where a lavender candle or lavender oil was burning and all of a sudden you began to feel a sense of calm? That calming sensation is a benefit of lavender. It’s known to be one of the more soothing plants that helps reduce stress levels simply by smelling it.

Lavender is said to be a flowering plant from the mint family and comes from the word Lavendula. It is considered an essential oil and has many purposes and benefits. Around here, we use it fresh, dried, as an oil, and as a tea.

It’s said to help with anxiety, insomnia, depression, restlessness, moods, and digestive issues, just to name a few of its benefits. I like to steep it as a tea, add some to my coffee or as an essential oil and burn it in my oil burners because the fragrance is quite soothing.

If you are not familiar with the plant, I would suggest researching it a little before purchasing it. If you buy it as an essential oil, you’ll want to purchase it as %100 certified organic, which may cost a little more, but the quality should be more pure.

Lavender is one of our favorite scents around here due to its relaxing and calming capabilities. If you've never taken advantage of being in its presence, then I implore you to try it. Hopefully, you'll recognize it's benefits and experience your own ... WOO-SAH!

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