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Hydrating Kiwi & Coffee Sugar Scrub

As you know, when I initially posted this in IGTV, I was on day 3 of a chemical peel. And yes, I told you not to touch your face or skin when you start peeling and you better not! Unless you are doing it this way. This scrub is #2 in the series, the previous blog (Easy Remedy to Rid your Face of Dead, Dry Skin), was #1 - this scrub includes kiwi.


½ Kiwi

On a plate sprinkle:

1 tsp sugar granulated

A dollop of honey

1 tsp coffee grounds

You are going to take the kiwi (cut in ½) and coat it with the sugar, honey and coffee so that it’s fully coated. It should feel like a paste, just remember it’s supposed to be a scrub.

Kiwi is very high in antioxidants, loaded with Vitamin C & Vitamin E and we know that antioxidants fight free radicals, which means it’s really good for your skin.

This one can be just a tad bit messy. But if you are in the early stages of your peel, (it should only be done in the early stages of a peel), you may also find that it is also quite soothing.

Apply the paste on the kiwi, to your face in a circular motion. Start with one cheek, then go to the chin, the other cheek, then the forehead all in a circular motion. You may need to add more from the plate to the kiwi. It’s also a good hydrating scrub. Make sure you cover all of your face and remember to slide it down your nose.

The sugar and coffee will gently exfoliate, the kiwi will hydrate your skin, I squeeze the juice from the kiwi as I apply it to my face so the kiwi juice and honey mix together.

After fully covering my face, I use cool water on my towel. This is not the time to use hot water. You can use a room temperature water, if the honey tends to be too sticky. Take a clean (wet) cloth and clean it off your face, be very gentle with how you remove it. You want to refrain from tugging on any peeling skin, because it could cause post-hyperpigmentation and scar your face.

This is really just to make sure your skin is being fed properly through the process. I’m one of those people who thinks serums are beautiful, but naturally feeding, hydrating, and exfoliating your skin, in my opinion is always the best.

You may want to rinse out the coffee grounds from your cloth and go back one more time to gently wipe your face with cool water.

This is a really good hydrating scrub:

  • If you have really inflamed skin especially in the summer

  • If you tend to burn easily

  • If you turn red easily

  • If you suffer from sun poisoning which sometimes can cause your skin to burn and flake, Rosacea stages 1 and 2 may do this, Eczema stages 1 – 4, you may notice this as well.

Toss the remainder in the trash, put the plate in the sink, and look in the mirror. Your skin should look hydrated even with the peel and you should be able to see your glow peeking through…

For more information about Chemical Peels, check out my blog post, “Little Known Secrets About Chemical Peels.”

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