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How to Start an Urban Farm in the Inner City

Tribe, if you're anything like me you were fighting this growing concern of what the hades is in my food. Understanding that the American diet as a structure today creates inflammation and mucus buildup in the body because the problem comes from how they preserve the foods we eat so that they not only last three months in a grocery store because it didn't sit on our shelves at home for weeks to months on end. For me, the choice was easy to start an urban farm.

I knew that if I wanted to solve the problem I must first start by helping myself. I've lost 15 lbs, sleep better, and have more mental clarity since I've been working on this garden and eating the food that I grow while also supplementing what I haven't grown yet with subscriptions for deliveries from local farms.

So, I want to take this moment and share with you how I've started an urban farm.

Urban farming is the practice of growing food in an urban environment. It can be a great way to grow your own food, connect with your community, and reduce your environmental impact.

If you are interested in starting an urban farm in the inner city, there are a few things you need to consider.

🌱 First, you need to find a suitable location. This could be a vacant lot, a rooftop, or even a balcony.

🌱 Once you have found a location, you need to decide what type of farming you want to do. Hydroponic gardening is a great option for urban farms because it allows you to grow food in a small space. You can also raise livestock, such as chickens or catfish.

🌱 There are a number of grants and tax benefits available to urban farmers. These can help you offset the cost of starting and maintaining your farm.

📌 To learn more about starting an urban farm in the inner city, visit the following resources:

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