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How Our “Yoni Love” Soap is Drawing “His” Attention

Esthetics by P Brown Yoni Love Soap

If you love our Yoni Steam service, then you’ll adore our “Yoni Love” soap. It’s a soap that was designed with your yoni in mind.

It’s best to be selective when you choose the soap (products) to use on your Yoni.  You’ll definitely want something that is delicate and sensitive.   Our Yonis are too precious to waste time learning the lesson that all sensitive skin products are not the same. For best results, you’ll need a product that’s gentle and pH balanced to keep everything Yoni related, fresh. We’ve got just the product for you.

Our Yoni Love soap has many Yoni benefits:

  1. It’s a gentle cleansing formula that also helps eliminate odors

  2. It works to balance your pH and reduce ingrown hairs.

  3. it contains Kojic acid (skin lightening agent) so if your yoni is a couple of shades darker than the rest of your body due to shaving, it will help lighten up the skin. 

  4. It contains Mandelic acid (an AHA and is used for exfoliation), it keeps the hair follicles and the shaft from getting so thick that it gets stuck in the hair follicles.  One of the benefits to waxing is that it helps keep the follicles soft and growing normal (on a 28 day cycle).

The reviews are in on the Yoni Love soap

We had so many positive reviews from those who took home a sample that now we struggle to keep the shelves stocked.  This soap here, you’ll definitely want to add to your Yoni cleansing regimen. 

For more information about our Yoni Love soap or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to schedule with us on our website:  If you have any questions about skincare,please feel free to call us at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at

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As Always, we look forward to hearing from you…

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