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I’m going off the grid with this one and sharing an experience that I had in Nashville that changed my mind (a little) about eating. These days, it seems everyone has a platform or a reason for supporting their diet, including but not limited to Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Ketotarians (not sure if that’s a word), but you get the picture, right?

At any rate, the wellness industry has never been as popular as it is today.  Everyone seems to be cashing in on the industry in some capacity.  When I was growing up, I thought wellness was a flashy term for eating nasty foods in an attempt to lose weight. And now, if you google the term “wellness” almost everything comes up, including healthy/clean eating, fitness, mental /emotional/ physical balance, counseling, occupational, environmental, social, or spiritual balance just to name a few topics.


Vege-licious Café was the name and it was located near Fisk University.  There were four of us in our group and we all made a point to sample a bite from each other’s plate.  I’ve added a few pictures of our plates.

All the food was plant based, but please don’t let that word “plant” fool you; the non-meat movement is progressive.  Many people ascribe to it for various reasons and while my friend was in town, I followed it, too.  Even though there was no meat or dairy in our food at Vege-licious Cafe, it had beautiful presentation and was seasoned to taste a lot like some familiar flavors many of us grew up eating.  This soul food had that special southern flare and I didn’t miss the meat.  The food was so appetizing that it had this Keto-girl, making another stop the next day.

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It’s not my intention to change your mind about your personal eating habits and suggest you become a Vegan; I’m more interested in encouraging you to stop by the Café and have your own experience.  For me and my friends, our visit last week was a cozy, comforting eating adventure that ended with dessert which was gone so quickly, we didn’t capture a photo.

I invite every one of you to visit Vege-licious Café… your tummy will thank you.  And remember – healthier eating leads to healthier skin – therefore, we all win!

For more information about Vege-licious Café, visit their website:

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