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Eliminating Hyperpigmentation from Ingrown Hair

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This question came from one of my social media sites. I’m sharing my answer to help others with this question.

QUESTION: Porsche, I now have hyperpigmentation on my jawline due to ingrown hair. I’ve been plucking the hair but what should I do? 


When you’re looking at ingrown hairs, I want you to consider exfoliation. Exfoliate and become very familiar with your exfoliator.  What I mean is – you need to know if the exfoliator is mechanical or chemical, large crystals or small crystals? 

It’s important to know what you are working with as you exfoliate. There are two types of ingrown hairs: 

  1. Those that grow under the skin and never break the skin (may look like bumps). 

  2. Those that grow out, flip over, and grow back into the skin. 

If you are plucking the hairs, you want to make sure that you are pulling (them out) in the right direction – whether you are tweezing, waxing, or sugaring – you want to pull in the opposite direction of which the hairs grow.

*Please make sure you sanitize whatever tools you use, because bacteria can cause ingrown hairs, bumps, acne, and a slew of other issues.

Now regarding Hyperpigmentation, there are several options:

  1. You can use gentle enzymes or acids in your cleanser. 

  2. You can receive a chemical peel. 

  3. You can try treatments like LED Light Therapy 

*The one caution I will note is whether or not you have Ethnic Skin.

When I say Ethnic Skin, I am referring to Asian, Hispanic, African, African American, etc. If you produce higher levels of Melanin, then you will want to use a Melanin Suppressant when you are doing corrective treatments. Failure to do so will impede the process. 

Our body is designed to self-correct and heal itself and if we neglect using the Melanin Suppressant in the process – it could make the hyperpigmentation darker.


  1. Get a good home-care routine where you exfoliate and add light acids or enzymes in your cleanser. 

  2. Go heavy on the nutrients in your moisturizer and obtain a good Melanin Suppressant – if you have ethnic skin.

  3. Finally, receive a superficial to mid-depth chemical peel, twice a year to help with lightening that part of your skin. 

I hope this was helpful. If you or anyone you know has further questions about hyperpigmentation or any other skin care questions, please feel free to contact us.

Also contact us if you would like to schedule a virtual consultation, or to inquire about other services we offer. You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at 

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