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Easy Remedy to Rid Your Face of Dead, Dry Skin

This routine is especially beneficial for those who suffer from breakouts and acne. We are using only 2 ingredients:

½ lemon (from the produce section of the grocery store) + sugar (granulated).

We’ve talked a lot about lemon with skincare.

Lemon helps:

  • Lighten your skin.

  • Tighten your pores.

  • Evens out your skin tone.

Sugar helps:

  • The skin fight against aging.

  • Brighten dull looking skin.

  • Even the texture of your skin.

  • Act as an exfoliant.

So, to get rid of dead dry skin, you are going to cut your lemon in ½ and then dip it in the sugar and coat it really good to where it looks like candy. Then scrub your face with it. Start with one of your cheeks, scrub in a circular motion, and then go over your chin, and then scrub over to the other side of your face.

As your sugar melts, dip it in the sugar again to get more on the lemon half. After scrubbing both cheeks, and chin, go for the forehead. Try not to get lemon juice and sugar in your eyes, because that will be painful. Your face may sting a little bit, that is absolutely normal.

You may remove it by simply using warm water or choose a warm towel and remove it. Afterwards dry your face with a clean towel and notice the radiance.

That is a good homeopathic way to get rid of dead skin as well as dehydrated or flacking skin and to get a light component on your skin. Feel your face and you should be good to go.

For more skin care tips using lemons, check out my blog post “Easy DIY Homemade Facial Masks.” If you’d like to watch the video, check out my Instagram.

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