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Computer Love 🎶 I Don't Need Nobody: 3 Effective Ways to Connect When Dating in 2023

Am I the only one struggling with dating in 2023? Oh, my God, can we talk about dating via computer, and how building a genuine connection through a screen can be challenging.

My Truth About Online Dating

I've been 3 meaningful relationships with the guys I've met online and here's what I've learned. One taught me that a man can redirect me, or correct me and do it with so much love and patience in his voice that I feel cherished in the process. Another tell me what it was to date a man who could be the carpenter and I'm not gonna lie queens I look forward to being the one to cook his meals because I know that he could change the oil in my car and did or fix any problem. That same man also taught me that while the man could provide the world his words could tear it down. The last one show me what it was like if we looked good on paper and he was kind but we missed chemistry. I learn to ask God for the man that can help me navigate the challenges the world throws out me and will allow me to help him take on his challenges as well while also being able to handle me with love and care because to hurt me would hurt him. The long and short of it as my mother would say I'm a better woman today for those three relationships. Below is my guide on how to navigate dating online.

If you're navigating the digital dating world in 2023, here are three effective ways to forge meaningful connections:

  1. Authenticity: Be true to yourself and showcase your genuine personality. Share your passions, interests, and vulnerabilities to create an authentic and relatable profile. When engaging in conversations, actively listen and respond thoughtfully. Show empathy and curiosity toward your potential partner's experiences and perspectives. Authenticity creates a strong foundation for trust and mutual understanding.

  2. Meaningful Communication: Move beyond small talk and initiate conversations that delve deeper. Ask open-ended questions that encourage thoughtful responses. Share stories and experiences to foster emotional connections. Utilize various forms of communication, such as video calls or voice messages, to add a personal touch and enhance the intimacy of your conversations.

  3. Shared Experiences: Find common ground and create shared experiences even in the virtual world. Explore common interests by joining online communities or participating in virtual events together. Watch movies simultaneously, play games, or cook a meal together over video calls. These shared activities help build a sense of togetherness and create memories that strengthen the bond between you.

By embracing authenticity, engaging in meaningful communication, and fostering shared experiences, you can effectively build connections with others while dating online in 2023. Remember, it takes time and effort, but with the right approach, you can discover meaningful connections that transcend the digital realm.


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