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Chemical Peel for Vaginal Hyperpigmentation

Hey Tribe, this question was sent through my social media, I’m sharing in case anyone else has this question.


What can I do that is not as painful as laser treatments to remove hyperpigmentation from under my arms and my bikini area? Is there a treatment that’s not high in cost and will it also treat ingrown hairs?


Most estheticians will do a variation of what we call our body peel. This actually is something that I do (about) quarterly – because I have eczema on my body and I don’t want to look like a reptile.


So, yes, we do a body peel where we lay low-grade acids, like a Pumpkin Enzyme Acid, or I’ve done a Hibiscus Acid or an Apple Wine acid, something that is gentle enough to peel your intimate area but strong enough to lift up the hyperpigmentation. We love anything that contains thorazine prohibitors, which will help prevent you from having hyperpigmentation during the healing process.


I will say, this as a disclaimer. If you want to have relations as my grandmother would say, it is not the time within 3 days after this peel. You don’t want to, because you are shedding, there’s nothing sexy about it. Now, once you pass the 72-hour mark, your bikini area will look like it was poured from Jesus (so to say – smile). Also, if you suffer from ingrown hairs, we’ve thinned out that excess ingrown hair that is kind of holding that ingrown hair in or that Folliculitis in and it’s going to slide out like pure butter. And it’s going to even out your skin tone, those same problems happen up under your arm that will happen in the bikini area, so it’s not just let’s hold here.


To be clear, Glycolic Acid in my opinion is a sand blaster. My exception to that rule, is if your Glycolic Acid comes from a natural derivative such as aloe or pumpkin. While we love pumpkin lattes, pumpkin is the perfect enzyme to use on the bikini area, it will give you a flawless glow, even skin, reduce ingrown hairs and all jokes aside, tribe, it’s amazing!

I hope this was helpful and if it was, please leave me a comment below. Also, please forward this post to anyone you know who would benefit from this information.

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