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Blessing Jars: Let’s Clean House

Updated: Nov 9, 2019


Burning sage and smudging or cleansing your home, releases chemicals in the brain that may help with autism and may help reduce inflammation according to WebMD. It's definitely great for removing negative energy.

Let me tell you—in all honesty—you will physically feel the difference when you bless your house. Sometimes we carry energy with us that we don’t realize we carry. If you watched my last IGTV live, we talked about that… where you start your day in a beautiful mood and then by the end of your day, you are just pissed off for no reason.


Today, I'm going to walk you through my ritual for cleansing my home and you may choose to copy it or it may serve as a template that you take parts and add your own touch. So just to go over what I use, the urn that I use downstairs on my fireplace is a small ceramic (two piece) container with holes in the top to release the smoke in a contained manner.

God put it on my heart to offer a blessing box for you to bless your house. If you think you would like one, reach out to me, and I will put one together (for you).

In this one, I have white sage, live rosemary ( I say live because I pulled it from my garden) and live lemon thyme along with a clarification crystal which I use to cleanse my crystals. When you buy sage, it will usually come in a bundle, I literally just pull some leaves off the bundle and add them to the urn.


I start by burning a piece of sage, and then I carry it to the urn with a blessing...

Heavenly Father, I burn this sage in honor of you as a sacrifice, I burn the rosemary and thyme as a sacrifice so that my sacrifice is both living and dead. Heavenly Father I ask that you seal these walls with this smoke and protect my house from any harm seen or unseen coming into it. Heavenly Father, I burn this sage, rosemary, and thyme as a living and dead sacrifice to you I ask that you clear my home of all negativity whether it was brought in intentionally or unintentionally. Heavenly Father, I ask that you seal my home and I burn this sage in offering to you, I burn the rosemary as a living sacrifice and the sage as a dead one. And I ask that you cleanse my home of any negativity, in your name I pray, Amen.

Also note that I did it in three. Even if you do it three different ways, you want to do it in three. I believe in the trinity; I believe in the power of numbers and the power of three. I believe God has given us everything on this earth that we need to reset and reprogram.

Now, you also can do it with just a smudge stick and seal your windows and doorways. In that case, you will walk up to every archway internally and externally and pray. Here is my prayer:

I bind any spirit trying to come into my home, that is meant to do harm, clean or unclean, and you make sure you cover the doorway with smoke (sage). I bind any spirit in my home meant to cause harm, clean or unclean, I bind any spirit trying to come into my home, trying to do harm, clean or unclean.

You’ll want to bind any spirit, any negativity, any energy that can be transferred into your home. I think sometimes people forget that binding of spirits is given to us in the bible. Married couples or single couples, may need to bind specific spirits. Here are some examples for binding spirits: On this sage I bind the spirit of Jealousy and Insecurity… on this smoke of living or dead, I bind the spirit of Self-Doubt, I bind the spirit of Anger, I bind the spirit of Laziness.

Believe it or not, on Sunday mornings, my Moma would stand in our doorway saying, “Heavenly Father, I bind the spirit of Laziness, Lord Father in your name, get her up to clean this room – Heavenly Father, Amen. I love you mom!

Your sole purpose is to bind and clear. This is your home and you should be comfortable.

To watch the video in it’s entirety, please click on the word “video.”

Again, if you’d like a blessing box (urn, a bundle of sage, and loose herbs-rosemary and thyme) let me know and we’ll get those to you. I spend about $35 on the set and it usually lasts me about 6 months.

If you have any questions regarding any information in this post or if you have any skincare questions, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phone at 615) 884 - 6744 or email us at

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As always, we look forward to hearing from you...

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Porsche Bailey
Porsche Bailey
Sep 05, 2019

@msjtwin thank you, I am blessed in my home at least once a week and cleaning out negative energy helps me focus throughout the new week. I hope you Have found positive results since you’ve read the article.


Thank you for this wonderful information. I am going to start cleansing my house.

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