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4 Haircare Habits Of A Luxury Lifestyle

It’s easier to live a luxury lifestyle than you may imagine. All that’s required are simple changes to things you do daily plus removing any bad habits. When you make those adjustments, you’ll be on the road to your luxurious life.

We say our hair is our crowning glory; therefore, it needs healthy habits to survive and glow. The first step to gaining a luxurious lifestyle is to replace bad habits with good ones, it’s one of the best changes we can make during our haircare journeys. Let’s look at some haircare habits and how to make some adjustments.

The Difference Between Bad, Good, And Luxury Habits

Bad Habit #1

Going months without washing your hair

Good Habit #1

Wash your hair more frequently

Luxury Habit #1

Find a conditioner that your hair loves, not one that you think is best for your hair because of the advertisements about the product. Your hair has to be happy and while I always aim to support black-owned businesses, there may be a haircare product that was not created initially for black hair, but your hair loves it and receives it. You see, you have to know your hair

language. You have to know your hair to know what it needs so learn about your particular hair type and move forward from there.

Bad Habit #2

Not paying attention to what the ends of your hair touch

Good Habit #2

Try protective styles that keep your hair off the nape of your neck, keep your hair from touching the headrest on the car seat, bed sheets, and coat collars, because rubbing against the wrong material may cause unexpected breakage. Protective styles keep your hair from being directly affected by the weather.

Luxury Habit #2

Invest in a silk or satin pillow case, find a protective style that makes you look fabulous and doesn’t allow the ends of your tresses to touch anything. Experiment with buns, braids, cornrows, twists, and crocheted styles. And while you maintain the amazing style, have it taken down and washed every 1-2 weeks and restyled by a professional who specializes in health and growth.

Bad Habit #3

Ignoring the scalp and not caring for the hair under your wigs, weaves, and crochets. Not paying attention to how various styles are installed

Good Habit #3

Having wigs, weaves, and crochets installed and removed by a professional who may be able to address the issues the scalp and under-hair deal with. Issues such as dryness, broken off hair, and balding edges.

Luxury Habit #3

Find a professional cosmetologist with experience in hair and scalp conditions such as alopecia (diffuse, scarring, genetic), hypothyroidism, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, and various other conditions. Allow the cosmetician to analyze and evaluate your hair and scalp and then schedule weekly visits to ensure your tresses remain healthy and looking its best.

Bad Habit #4

Drinking sugary drinks, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, and anything that’s loaded with flavor, sugar, and calories.

Good Habit #4

Paying attention to the amount of caffeine and sugary drinks you consume and only enjoying them on a special occasion. In the meantime, you’re increasing your water consumption.

Luxury Habit #4

Set goals for hydration and nutrition and accomplish them. Consume drinks that hydrate your body like water, herbal tea or even green tea. Make it fun and add fruit or make a detox water by adding cucumber with mint. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. A luxury mindset is to enjoy everything you consume, plus, everything is prettier with color. The one consistency your tresses need most is hydration. So, simply add hydration.

Like I said above, it’s not difficult to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, you may just need to make a few simple adjustments. I hope this was helpful. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below. If you know someone who would benefit from this post, please forward it to them. Stay connected as we discuss money, business, self-care, and other adult topics.

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