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3 Tips to Reduce Acne Under Make Up

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Just in general, we all like to look good and make-up often helps us look and feel our best. It increases self-esteem, improves self-image, and helps add self-confidence. Simply put, it motivates those who wear it to do and be their best.

Wearing make-up may increase the onset of acne, but it can be reduced by following some simple steps:

1. Clean Your Face – before applying any make up, you’ll want to clean your face with a cleanser that balances your skin’s pH levels. Cleansing the face, gives you a clean slate before your application, it's similar to how artists start with a clean blank canvas before creating a beautiful painting.

2. Exfoliate – after you cleanse your face, you’ll want to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps remove all the dead skin and excessive build up so your make up will have a smooth surface – to lay on. It also helps your skin look younger.

3. Hydrate drink plenty of water; our bodies need lots of water. Our skin is our biggest organ and we need to keep it hydrated.

Finally, if you add a really good primer, your face should be ready for you to apply the make-up. Primer sets pH balance in skin and helps the make up stay on the face. I hope this helps…

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